Mouth Guards

Mouth guards help prevent and remedy a number of conditions. For example:

  • Sports guards prevent tooth loss and damage as a result of impact trauma.
  • Night-time guards reverse some forms of sleep apnea, a potentially lethal disorder that interrupts breathing during sleep.
  • Night-time guards also stop bruxism (teeth grinding) and prevent enamel loss.

At our clinic, we offer all of the above guards, as well as several other types. If someone you know is suffering from any of the conditions above, especially sleep apnea or one of its most common symptoms, snoring, we urge you to refer them to our clinic. Remember: Bruxism and sleep apnea can lead to very serious complications, despite often having no symptom other than snoring.

For a free, instant quote, simply call us at (713) 682-7233; our staff members will be happy to give you a full list of all the guards we offer, as well as the prices for all of them.

Our Happy Patients

"Hands down, best experience I have ever had at the dentist. Dr. Brenner was super friendly and honest about the work that I needed for future. Can't wait to give them my business in future. :)"

Lucy H. Lucy H.

"This is the best dental experience I have ever had! And they did a wonderful job it feels painless and the procedure was amazing! From the dental assistant to the dental hygienist there also and really know what they're doing."

Kate B. Kate B.

"They are like family. The dental care, however, is a step above the norm. They pay closer attention to details like what's going o between your teeth instead of just getting into the next patient. They are gentle, patient, and caring, and explain everything till you understand!"

Alice C. Alice C.
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