5 Interesting Facts About Children’s Dental Health, Houston

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As parents, you would be doing your best to ensure that your child’s smile is always safe, protected, and healthy. If you are unable to, you would be educating yourself on an everyday basis to ensure the same. However, there are many minor yet important facts that are missed out of, often. Dental health of a child is that area. Maintenance of oral health for a child is very important. This is going to act as a foundation stone for his/her future life as well.

Here are five interesting facts about children’s dental health from the best dentist in Houston-

  1. Asthma, obesity, and type-2 diabetes are common childhood conditions. However, tooth decay is over and above all of them. Tooth decay is 20 times more prevalent among children in comparison to diabetes and other problems as mentioned above. However, apart from everything else, tooth decay must be the focus of your attention as a parent.
  2. Cavities are the highest undetected dental problem. Approximately 19% children up till the age of 16 suffer from undetected cavities and dental caries. Out of these, 42% have dental caries till the age of 11. Thus, dental hygiene and regular dental check ups are necessary for your child. Detected cavities must be treated as soon as possible.
  3. Dental injuries are very common if your child is into sports. They might be adorable when they are on the field out there. However, children into sports have the highest risks of dental injuries. Fractures and chips are the most common dental injuries for children in sports. About 27% children face dental injuries because of sports activities. Consultation with your dental care provider is necessary; they might recommend sports gear to protect their innocent smiles.
  4. Dental issues are important and must not be ignored. About 51 million school children die owing to the fact their lack of seriousness towards maintaining their dental health. As a parent it is your duty to impart dental hygiene habits and knowledge to your child.
  5. Dental sealants are the bible for your child’s teeth. Dental sealants are necessary among children as they help protect your child against bacteria and cavities. Sealants are necessary for children between the ages 5 and 14. They might be required for baby teeth well. You would need to consult your dental care provider for the same.

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